Switch Port Mapper - Layer 3 Argument with Browser Integration

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Switch Port Mapper is capable of being added to the browser integrated toolkit.

You can use the command line arguments to specify the variable for the switch address (Layer 2) and community strings, but you cannot dynamically choose the Layer 3 device even though the ARP information is automatically deduced from the device.  This means that the MAC address will not be referenced with the IP, and the IP address will not be referenced with the DNS entry.


I would like there to be a dynamic variable similar to ${IP} or ${Community} to be able to automatically use the ARP address that it already grabs, and streamline the process for switch port mapping.


The way it stands now, using the Switch Port Mapper takes roughly the same time, if not slightly longer than for me to just SSH into the device and ping, show arp | i <IP.addr>, and then a show mac address-table | i <mac.addr>.


Having this functionality from the browser would allow me to cut down on a few steps, and help determine if logging into the devices for more analysis is necessary.


I had opened Case #897132 regarding this and it was recommended to open a feature request.


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