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Currently no SRM View Resource I've come across has had the ability to be filtered using SWQL/SQL.  Having the ability to filter SRM Resources would be great (See screenshot below).  Especially since we can create custom properties for all of the different storage object types being monitored (Arrays, Pools, NAS Volumes, etc...) it would greatly enhance the usability and customability of SRM as well as allow other view types to have specific storage statistics planted on them without having to manually create a custom resource (like a Custom Table, Chart, or Custom Object Resource).  Just throw a SRM resource on a view and filter it to what you want to see!



In case you aren't sure of what I'm talking about, here is the filter type I am talking about that is currently available on most resources in Orion (this particular one was taken from a SAM resource, hence the "Filter Applications" header):



Also see my other somewhat related FR regarding the ability to limit Views/Accounts to SRM objects of all kinds.  Currently you can only limit Views/Accounts to Storage Arrays but not anything else more granular.  So if you have a few NAS Volumes dedicated to a specific application's servers and you want to create a custom view with just those servers, their application monitors, and the NAS Volumes used by them, you can't do it.  You have to manually create a Custom Table/Chart to display the NAS Volumes information...


Here: Allow Account Limitations and View Limitations on all SRM Storage Element types, not just Arrays


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