Water, Water Everywhere! #TheWorldEndsTomorrow

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Storm clouds roll in and the sky is set to an off color green that reminds me instantly of the Wizard of Oz. There was rain yesterday and the ground is saturated, but there has been no rain today. Not yet at least. The eerie green envelops the sky and begins to open and pour out it's soul upon the Houston Streets. Quickly the eeriness is replaced with torrential downfall, and the bayou fills fast. Frantically working to finish some last minute deeds, I slide my eyes to the middle screen on the wall that now displays the radar along with a current count of down pour.

The deeds get done, along with another check of the news camera showing the increasing level of the bayou. Backup's complete, NCM Jobs set and inventory reports are in place...so I vanish from my desk. Leaving nothing important behind.


IT's already dark as I begin to cross the bridge to get to the garage. The Bayou levels are only so important due to the walk across the bridge to the car, and the drive back across the bridge to get home. Even if only one gets washed over the flooding moves north and into my driving path. I get to the car and reconfirm my belongings. I still have work to do. The arduous drive home consists of a few U-Turns, and many checks and waits for others cars to verify the water height in various places. Making it home was a feat, but once home all I can hear is the blast of the neighbors generator. Oh no I think to myself. The laptop battery is not at 100%, and a running process at the house drained my battery back UPS before I got home. Keeping the router on a battery back up also allowed the job finished email to send out and hit my pub-mail account. At least one thing wasn't botched today. Stepping outside to consider options I spy my neighbor just enough to get his attention and ask whose generator is running his lights and he motions toward the next house down. When you need it the right neighbors can make or break a situation, and they came through. With the laptop connected and battery charging I get the load up screen and log in. Checking the router, I see it's powered but no connection to the outside world. A sigh of discontent and my hand hits my side...ah ha! Blackberry, Save My DaY!


All of a sudden I am glad I called my contact in UDS and had the mobile hotspot option enabled on my account. It may be slow but it should be enough to log the VPN. I remove my device from the holster, DEAD! I find a small wall node and a USB cable to plug it in. Not wanting to upset the power balance amongst my neighbors I unplug my ISP router, really at this point it became a mini off timed strobe light entertaining my wandering mind as the sirens fade in and out. A slight more attention deficit moments and my black berry has enough charge to enable to hot spot.  Success! It's connected... now for the VPN... and BAM! I'm connected, open my Solarwinds Console to check my 10,000 ft view, and then drill into the 'Area's of Red.' As I check our various and vastly spread outlying sites and care centers I think to myself, 'at least if we wash away tonight I'll know what direction it's coming from.' I sit for a moment watching the overall site connectivity across the city. Realizing there may be more preparations to be done, I get back to my few structured adjustments in monitoring for 1 site, and then finish my reporting and check the operations queue. All seems well as my mind drifts and I begin to fade in and out of sleep, but at least today's deeds are done before The World Ends Tomorrow!


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