"The Flood of 2007"

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Those of you in the UK may remember June 2007, the time when the rain started and didn't stop. The North of England became effectively, a big lake!

I travelled into work on the morning in question, rain pounding from the sky so much it felt like it was raining up (it was just bouncing off the ground) After navigating my way through all the flooded roads, on a motorbike, I arrived at the office very very wet.

At the time, I was on the Service Desk and was the 1st member of staff in, we were on the 3rd floor, the Server Room was also on our floor.  2 other members of staff followed me in, the usual comments about the weather then occurred.

I went off to check the back ups.  This is where the fun started.


The roof was leaking water, I shouted to the other guys that we had a problem.  We checked the floor above (the building had 6 floors) and that too was soaked and water was leaking from above.

I rang Facilities and told them the 3rd and 4th floor had flooded....as you can imagine, they thought I was bonkers but ran straight down.


I returned to 3rd floor and passed the details on to the MIM (Major Incident Manager) who had started alerting the relevant managers within the business and was letter the other HQ site near London know what was happening.  We needed to shut these services down ASAP (File and Print, email, CRM etc)


A member of the team was sent out to a local hardware store, here he bought a lot of plastic sheeting and returned to cover the servers.  By now the services where all stopped and the floor was eerily quiet as the phones where not ringing.


By now facilities had found the issue, above the 4th floor (directly above the Server Room on 3rd) there was a flat roof, no one had cleaned the gutters in years and as we had had more than a months rain in a few hours the water was unable to drain and just came through the ceiling.  Needless to say this didn't go down very well!


It's always funny, looking back to that day, the floods where all over the news, houses had been flooded and we had managed to flood the 3rd and 4th floor of a building...where there was no surface flooding for over a mile!


All good fun eh!


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