Cryptic Ransom

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Why are we getting so much Spam?



Hey we have a virus on the network where is it coming from?





User (visiting a legit sportsman website) what I have a virus?





Helpdesk Comes and takes the computer away? User: why do you come in pairs?





Cyber Security Analyst: I need more data to track down the source of this Ransomeware? (while viewing webmail and firewall logs of user in SIEM)




Just then the a virus alert comes across on the smartwatch? (another one?)




User2: (Viewing the same sportsman website) wonder why I can't open that file anymore?




Cyber Security Analyst shows up to get more data sees the site and realizes the legit site is compromised.





Cyber Security Analyst blocks site to contain current threat and sends in report to higher ups. All in a days work.


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