Wife is a Trooper

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Thank goodness this had never happened to me before or since.

I was looking for a new job.

Got an offer from a company [who shall remain nameless as the owner is a psychopath/crack pot/....] and was very excited about the opportunity.

During negotiations I had informed them that I had plans to travel to Italy with eight of my family members from around the country. We had been planning it for a year and had already purchased tickets. I had the dates in writing on my acceptance letter so there would be no confusion.

So I left my job, took a pay cut, moved my family to another state, and started the new job.

Time comes to go on this vacation and my "boss" - if you can call him that - tells me it is not a good time to go on vacation. Mind you it is only 2.5 months into me starting this new job. So I remind him of our agreement. He isn't happy.

So I go on vacation and spend the two weeks in Italy with my wife and family. Stressful but wonderful time. Especially doing all the activities with my father's relatives and their families in the Roma area.

I return from vacation to find your company in the throes of a upgrade gone horribly wrong? Basically, I got a letter in the mail while I was gone terminating my employment. Oh yes it was effective during my vacation.

So the job hunt started again. It took several months and another uprooting of my family to another state. But I have been here for over seven years now with no signs of stopping. Learning a lot more technology, including SolarWinds.

To sum up, three jobs, sold two homes, purchased two homes, and moved twice all in less than a year! Now that is a fire drill. Thanks to my wife who was a trooper through all of it.


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