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Modify that page that lists things that can earn Thwack points so clicking on each item takes you to the point-earning process.

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How many times have you tried to earn a few more Thwack points, but not found an intuitive way to accomplish missions?


Suppose Thwack point-earning badges included links to the instructions for completing the tasks and then earning those points?


Wouldn't that make perfect sense?


It could be the links here:  THWACK Community


Or it could be the page that shows all the past missions--where you can click on a square and it flips over with a little info--but doesn't provide a link to the spot to get you started on earning that badge:




Yes, this link does a pretty good job of explaining the basics:  thwack Missions  But there are no links that take you where you need to go to start doing your home work. 


And I think there ought to be.


Can I hear an "Amen?"


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