The Wrath of Ron

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Picture Ron, medium build, black hair, indiscreet. Of course Ron isn't his real name, it's his American name to make it easy for us without the proper use of an advanced dialect. We are re-mediated to a smaller amount of verbal noises that can be assembled and understood when opening our mouths. But his L's sound like R's. For that reason us silly Americans call it even; far from it. You would never think that he could be a mean type of fella. But then again you have never deleted his SQL Tables...


The office is long, slender and we're crammed the heck in this little closet turned useful space for the IT guys... well usually just Guy. Spark is around, but considering he's been re mediated to documentation and Process building it's a long shot to understand why he tried to install the M2M application on a salesman's newly purchased laptop. Forget Spark hasn't implemented a true security policy, or even dictated through management that one is needed. Let alone the proper purchasing of an Anti-Virus Suite, Enterprise level would be beneficial for this place, and there's even a server with almost no load we could base the licensing from. But who is Guy to say, after all he is busy extinguishing the small fires daily to keep this place from burning to the ground. Nothing like a little elbow grease to keep things working around here, and Guy's got plenty of it. The non-flammable type.


So here Spark is about to install the main End to End, Sales through Ordering, Processing and Production to delivery; application on an unencrypted, unprotected, un scanned BYOD. Forget every other violation discrepancy here, Spark didn't even have a process for the installation of this application, M2M; that the entire company was dependent upon. This seems to quickly be turning into another installment of 'Angry Admins of the SQL Kind.'


Clickety, Click, Click. Click, Click. A directory is chosen, a Server IP Address input and just a couple more, *Click* ...unbeknownst to Spark his fast clicks just told the installer to jump up to the SQL server and start rewriting Ron's SQL queries and views - along with all the data - and set it all back to default. The Audacity of the Overstepping Contractor is that he finishes the install, cheers with adulation for his completed task... and out of this task a new process for installation of the M2M application.

*All Seems Well and Spark Goes Home*


The next morning CHAOS ENSUES! Engineers can't pull up their orders in process, or even see new incoming orders. Sales has nothing, Shipping has a lot of things, but no data from the system to know how to manage anything. Everyone is screaming FIRE in a mad panic and glaring down at Guy to "DO SOMETHING!"


A little investigation exposes the true issue, our DB was wiped! What the?!? and a How The?!


Spark finally enters to hear Guy's assessment about the DB,

  "Go see Ron." Spark replies.


Not thinking to much about it Guy begins to mosey towards Ron's office until he is stopped in his tracks by a Glaring Heat! "Why are the walls stained red?" Guy thinks to himself as he inches along the wall towards the window before Ron's door.

Fire From his Fingertips Flare as Ron types frantically. With each command a look of even more disgust, the Flames from his fingers start to expel lightning has his eyes glaze red. Guy bolts back to the comfort of his closet office.

"YOU GO TALK TO RON!" Guy says in a fleeting panic.

"Fine!" Spark gets up to see Ron, with No Idea of what he is about to get into...


Apparently Ron has control like a Monk. When he looked up to Spark enter, the room calmed. An eerie chill swept the office as Spark took two steps and began to speak...



*Due to length restrictions (personally imposed) the 2nd part of this story can be seen in next weeks column, Live To Fight Another Day*

  Installment 2 - The Search for Data - SolvedIT III  (Wrath of Ron Continuance)


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