Server Room Story Time

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I thought I would have fun with this for this week.  One of the funniest things I could think of was how much fun I had with the water bottle in the server room story.

So, I was walking through the server room one day and something caught my eye.  I thought to myself, "That can't be right!  There is no way I just saw that!"  But I was right, there was someone holding a water bottle next to my servers in the server room.  jay.perry   


Am I awake?  th3cap3


I knew I had to do something.  I kept thinking to myself that there must be a reason I just saw this.  I became a sysadmin for a reason.  Resistance was futile, they say th3cap3


I would hate to have to redo a server farm cabling job for someone's stupidity. superfly99

Main Office - MCR 3.JPG

Finding the problem is the easy part!


But who do I tell?  Telling the mad scientist guy in the home office probably wouldn't do any good.  zackm


And this guy works in the basement, so he probably didn't see it.  cahunt


He has his own problems. Bahlkris


And he isn't paying attention.  nickzourdos


Then I realized how to find the solution.  To the google!  Google solves everything! adamlboyd


Google told me to get the monkeys.  They will get the water out of the datacenter. tcbene 


The monkeys save the day!  goodzhere


No more monkeys jumping on the.... racks!

SysAdmin Shoutout!  (For those that see the reference) 


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