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I really enjoy the points based system, earning badges and gaining new levels. I would like to request a scroll-able leaderboard page. In the current view i can see the people near me but I want to see the points difference for people who are in 100 above me or maybe the top 1000 or top 100, etc. I know I can see the top 10 but their points are crazy high so I'm wondering what it would take to maybe crack the Top 100?


For this feature I picture being able to click on the "My Rank" button and being taken to a new page that contains a scrolling list of users. I understand that there may be too many users to load a once but maybe there could be a "load more" clickable option at the top or bottom on the list depending on which way you want to go.


Once this is setup it sets the stage for adding a number of additional features like:

  • Up/Down arrows to show if you have moved up or down in the over all ranking
  • Colour coding of users to show which ones have been active in the last week or month
  • Chart showing the biggest movers of the week (position wise or point wise)
  • sub charts showing who answered the most questions, surveys, most helpful responses, most badges, most new badges


There are a ton of options that can come off this one new page.


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