Enable greater flexibility for custom date ranges for Trends to perform filtering like Last week, Last work week, Last 4 Mondays from 8am to 10am.

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I like the Trends feature that allows you to pick a specific day, a portion of a specific day (<=24 hours) and then All Days.   These are useful if you have a specific time period in mind and it allows you to narrow that window down as needed assuming it is <= 24 hours. 


What I find missing & desired is the ability to look at the trends over greater periods of time but less then All Days.    For instance,  I'd like to display a trend that shows usage for the last 4 Mondays from 6am to 7am.   I'd also like to display trends for the last 3,7,14 days.  Another example might be trending my batch window (10pm-2am) for the last 3 weeks (M-F, excluding Sat-Sun).  I believe the data is already in the repository,  I am just looking for a more flexible way to gain access to it.


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