Toolset : Workspace Studio Gadgets are Limited to 12 monitored items

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This may be overkill, but in the process of trying to monitor real time some devices and other entities I have found the Workspace Studio Gadgets (v10 is what I am currently using) is limited to 12 monitored items.

Before I go into the 12 CPU's of Christmas, I have a box that has (due to split core's and hyper-threading) 24 CPU's ... that's 3x more than any young Jewish boy could hope for, and for this Southern Raised Baptist Fella it's about 10x what I ever saw as a youngin'.

Simply put, I can not display all my CPU's on the same gadget - and this could get confusing.


So what I need are the Votes up to allow more than 12 monitored items on a single gadget.

* for programming ease I may even allow more than 12 on 1 gadget IF all entities are on the same Node.

   Otherwise - limit to 12, for multiple node display


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