provide support to filter on node property variables in worldwide map

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It is a strong interest of ours to add the worldwide map to the Node Details view but only show the node relative to the current Node Details view.  In working a support case, we found out node property variables like $(NodeID}, ${Caption}, ${IP_Address} are not supported by the Edit Resource: Filter Nodes (SWQL) function.


This feature request is for the Worldwide Map resource to support filtering using the same node property variables as documented and supported in the All Nodes Resource.  This will provide broader flexibility in use of the worldwide map.



I would also like to take this opportunity to raise my concern to SW developers.  The Worldwide Map was originally released in NPM 10.6.  NPM 10.7, 11.0 and 12.0 (beta) have been released without any extensive improvements to the worldwide map IMO.  It is very troubling to me that SolarWinds introduces a new resource and then abandons any feature improvements for 3 major software releases.  There have been several feature requests posted for the worldwide map that would make this resource more flexible to use. What gives?


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