Consistent Customization Of Resource Details

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I am not sure if this is the correct place for this kind of request, but I would really like to see some consistency in how I can customize resources I put on a view.  I would like the following for every resource available across the SolarWinds portfolio:


-Supports View Limitations

-Supports Account Limitations

-Auto-Hide Resource (Automatically hides this resource if the currently selected Net Object does not have any universal device pollers assigned to it)

-Resource Specific Method to Filter (Via SWQL,SQL or REGEX that supports multiple conditions)

     -Including the ability to test the filter to ensure the results are what is desired.


Right now it appears that there is not consistency for how resources can be employed and in many cases this means it takes longer to create customized, relevant views and charts to support our various NOC teams using SolarWinds.  Thanks






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