Adding node deletion in management of node area.

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Under management box on a individual node my idea is add a delete node option instead of having to go the Manage nodes sections. Rationale behind this is decoms. Ideally this is a none issue if automation is occurring through the SDK but lets just say Tier 1 folks don't do that today or is there a rule option that could be applied on a alert trigger to delete the node after x days of offline status?


Also is there plan for further granularity for certain functions in sam? IE Adding a node vs removing a node vs unmanaging a node?


Feedback on the AppInsight for IIS.worked great with manual configuration no so much with the automatic configure. Reason most server do not have an SSL issued cert  that needs to be binded in the config so SAM automatic configuration can be successful. Not your issue I know but I thought I would point it out so when the documentation goes live you can add that to the list of prerequisites


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