Provide Deletion Marker and Processor

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Many folks are asking for an 'undelete' feature for those situations when they inadvertently delete a node or other object. One way to handle this would be to create a 'Marked for Deletion' column in the appropriate NPM (etc.) tables, where a deleted item isn't deleted any more, but is simply marked for deletion. A scheduled job (nightly, hourly, whatever) can then come by and process those things marked for deletion in a suitable manner. This would allow "undeletion" of an object simply by clearing the marker prior to the deletion process coming along.


I too would love an undelete feature, but in my case, rather than just letting SolarWinds mark items for deletion, I would love to be able to use the marker myself as well. There are times when something can dump tons of unwanted data into NPM or SAM database (syslog, traps, flaps of various types, etc.), and you really don't want them around, but deleting them yourself could cause something unfortunate to happen. If we could use SQL to find these things and mark them (update the appropriate column), then we could depend on a Solar Winds - sanctioned process to eliminate them appropriately.  (I would much rather work with a vendor to process the DB content they understand than perform such surgery myself.)


Finally, let us configure the deletion processing schedule, and there you have it. Sound good?


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