Manager information for Clients

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Right now there's no way to associate a client with another client as their manager unless you do it via Departments with a department approver.  That seems incredibly clunky, and doesn't take advantage of the existing LDAP/Active Directory sync functionality.


As it stands right now, I have my LDAP feed over the Direct Manager field from Active Directory into a custom field in SolarWinds.  Every client then shows the manager information, but the system only sees it as a custom field, not anything it can recognize for escalations or approvals.  It would be very useful in many areas to be able to quickly identify a Client's manager, and route a ticket to them for approval.  Or to have logic that states whenever a Client submits a ticket of a certain request type, it automatically routes an email to their manager for review and approval.


Please tell me I'm not the only one who has seen the missing potential here. 


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