Uptime/Outage Reporting

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I have a need to generate a report that I'm fairly positive can't be accomplished in the current versions of NPM and SAM. If this can be done today, please offer up a solution...all ideas are good ideas.


Report requirements:

  • shows the uptime of an element in time (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)
  • shows the downtime of an element in (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)
  • shows the "maintenance time" of an element in (hhmmss) and percentage (compared to 5 9s)


Maintenance time can be defined as any time I put that element in an "unmanaged" state, I'm performing scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, uptime and downtime should exclude maintenance time.


A table format is fine, it doesn't need to be fancy, I just need the monthly data.


Is this possible? If not, can we put it on the wish list for future consideration?




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