Set Master Credentials for Scheduled Tasks Monitor

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The Problem

When completing a Network Sonar Discovery and finding that 50, 100 or more of your SNMP monitored devices can now monitor scheduled tasks you can add these in bulk - as described in the below post:


Server & Application Monitor 6.1 - New Feature Overview and Beta Sign-Up


The problem occurs when you realise that, because your hosts are monitored by SNMP, they have no windows credentials available by default to monitor scheduled tasks. This then leads to you manually going to each node and editing the settings to use a specific set of credentials. I originally raised this point under this post:


Re: assign scheduled task template to multiple nodes



The Suggestion

Either --

When the scheduled tasks monitor is assigned to nodes it would be good to be able to set a "preferred credential" from your list of credentials that the template uses by default when being assigned to nodes.

or --

Have the nodes that are discovered by Sonar Discovery use the WMI credentials that are provided as part of the discovery as their preferred rather than defaulting to "inherit from node" as this doesn't work for SNMP.


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