UPS Standarization & Alerting

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It seems that all the different UPS manufacturers have a mess of MIB OIDs that we have to wade through.  It would be great if there was an integrated monitor that standardized all those OIDs into a single alert-able field.  Maybe we could make something like that work its seeming to take a lot of extra custom pollers and different names that make it more difficult to alert on that I would like.


My thought is we really only care about a few fields like (On Battery), (Running Self-Test), (Overall Load) and (Remaining Run-time).  Extra would include phase input & output, voltage per phase (if its a 3-phase UPS).


It would be nice to have a standardized page just for UPS monitoring that could display the proper bars, graphs ect.  If the page could monitor for failed batteries that would just be icing on the cake.  Really its like taking the hardware monitor and making it work for all UPS devices.


Really I just need to know when a UPS goes onto battery and a critical alert when the batteries are below some percentage say 50% or remaining run-time is below X minuets.


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