Addition of SNMP to the collector and Main server

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At present you can sent SNMP traps from the Virtualisation Manager Server into solarwinds if there is an alert, however, I want to also be able to monitor how the underlying OS of the Collectors and Manager Server are behaving.  To that point I would ask Solarwinds to add SNMP into the collectors and Manager Server so it can be added as a node to monitor within NPM.  This would also allow for tracking of availability and resource usage, much like what you do with any other node you monitor within your environment.  I have previously asked if I added SNMP to the virtual aopplicances would it break the support model and I was told yes .  Bit of a shame really as the underlying OS is CentOS and we have done this in the past without issues.  It would nmake sense to be able to monitor this via SNMP


So I guess what I'm asking for is "Please could you add SNMP to the virtual appliances so we can monitor them through NPM"


Thanks in Advance


Simon P


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