Message Center Overhaul

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Message Center is great in concept; however, functionality is another story.  I realize that SolarWinds is likely already working on this but I figured I would add this as an official Feature Request since I didn't see one specifically in for it.


Having the ability to see the combined chronological view of Events, Traps, Syslogs, etc all in one view can be extremely useful; however, the functionality is not there.  I have had more user complaints and problems due to Message Center than any other one component of Orion.


Some things items to consider are as follows...

  • Better searching
  • Make it so allowing a LOT of events in a single search/view don't break it
  • Have it real-time scroll as events come in... like the LEM Monitor screen


I am sure there are others but these are the ones that immediately come to mind as pain points for me.  I also realize that fixing Message Center is also likely dependent on streamlining how Orion currently handles Traps and Syslogs on the back-end.


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