Allow customization of Tabular Node Poller's "Resource Properties"

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When using tabular pollers, if some pollers return more values than others then all Row ID's show. This gives un needed values.

Mainly I want only the RowID's that are multiples of 1K. This pulled the line card/module information.


Rather than have to open each node and edit each table, to remove all other RowID's (other than the thousands), we need an option to customize this in bulk.

Possibly tied to device/machine Type or a customizable option to tender this off a Custom Property. - this is to Choose 1K through 7 K for 4507's,  1K through 10K for 4510's and so on


Adding the pollers give's a full table, so this is an effort to manipulate this;



To this, for multiple nodes... not just one at a time. - I have hundreds and don't want to open each page to adjust the table.

module status - 45xx.png

... i changed poller names since this screenshot... so diff, column names.. (just in case someone is wondering)...


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