Link Client and Primary Ticket Information In Cascaded Tickets

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The scenario: Using a process to create a set of tickets/requests based on a certain request type or Custom Fields.

Example: We have an internal procedure established for new employee onboarding. We have several different systems that the user may need credentials setup for depending on job function.

The Problem: Often times the tech who creates the user credentials may miss a credential or application, so we are looking to create one ticket per system based on a check box custom field on ticket creation.


This could also be a great tool in new workstation request to make sure all of the required software for a particular job function is installed.


WHD Solution: This can be accomplished by using a set of Processes, Tasks and Ticket Custom Fields. The problem is that all sub-tickets created after the main ticket don't have any relating information in them about the main ticket, nor does it copy over any client information making it a total useless solution in this case.


The Enhancement Request would be: When a ticket is created from a process based off of ticket creation, it needs to copy the Client information and at least show the ticket/request number of the main ticket. It would be nice if it copied over a selectable set of the custom fields that where filled out at ticket creation as well.


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