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When you create a group and include a virtual path which shows up in the user's home folder it automatically appears as a folder link.  That's great.  When the user is a member of multiple groups, and each group has the same virtual path defined (hey, each group needs access to it), they all show up in the user's home folder.  It would be really nice if these could be filtered to remove duplication so the user only sees one copy.  (think email distribution lists and only send one copy of the email)




It would be even nicer if they could be renamed on the fly in the event that the virtual directory names match but the target path doesn't. e.g. 

Group A has a path to d:\data\region1\project1\cad called Drawings

Group B has a path to d:\data\region2\project4\cad called Drawings

repeat as required for each region and project

Many time users will be members of multiple groups and wind up with a "Drawings" entry for each of them.  This can be at best confusing and at worst catastrophic if a user inadvertantly modifies the wrong file because they neglected to check the full path in the interface.

I'm thinking perhaps something like Drawings (Group A), Drawings (Group B), etc., similiar to the way Windows downloads incrementally add to the name of existing files, but any readily identifiable means would work.




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