Worldwide map enhancements

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I would like the ability to add the worldwide map resource (as a local view) to the node/groups details page (you can do this today)

AND be able to do the following...


1.  Edit resource - be able to specify the Latitude/Longitude/Zoomlevel as variables using Lat/Long/zoomlevel Node custom properties (ex., ${sitelatitude}, ${sitelongitude}, ${zoomlevel}). 

2. Edit Resource - ability to apply a SWQL filter that will only display a single balloon/marker at the lat/long coordinates of the given nodeid/nodename or node group when map resource is applied to a Node/Group Details page.


3. Manage Map - ability to add nodes and groups on the worldwide map using one or multiple dynamic queries using node properties (ex., <caption>/<vendor>/<machinetype>/<anyCP> equals/contains 'NewYork', 'Cisco', 'rtr', or 'swt', etc.).


4. Manage Map - be able to Name that Balloon; i.e., be able to specify a SiteIdentifier/Location/Group (to identify the list of nodes) when adding groups of nodes and have it display in the balloon/marker title bar when pointer hovers over it.


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