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We love the "File Sharing" feature and our users are heavily using it. There's 1 problem though. Everytime a user wants to share a file, he/she would have to upload it, even though the file is already under the user's account. We would love for the ability to pick and choose an existing file to share with outside vendors, just like clicking "browse" to choose a local file, it become choose 1 of 2 options: "upload" or "choose existing file". The "upload" would allow the user to upload a file from local computer and the "choose existing file" would allow the user to browse for files already uploaded to his/her account. This is helpful especially when we're sharing large media files (>1GB) it takes a long time to upload and it takes up space on the server as well and seems redundant since the file is already on the server. We would love for this to be implemented very soon.


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