rebuild Orion engine from scratch with HTML5 core functionality

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the current Orion engine is dated and lacks capability that other vendors have already released. products that sit atop Orion are affected


for example , in NPM one can go down sub-menus on nodes to drill into a status. when Orion does its regular screen refresh, Boom, you are kicked out and the sub-menus are gone and you need to drill down again.


maps are another area that looks dated and feel like old tech.


imagine  if Google maps had not implemented HTML 5. who doesn't like how you can move a map around without refreshing the whole screen


just like the car industry, you can't just change the body design, the  chassis and power train need to be designed with fresh ideas on a regular bases..

what modern performance car  would use leaf springs vs struts or a carburetor vs fuel injection.


the various tools atop Orion are continuously evolving , the  Orion core needs this also


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