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This has come up a lot in the old forums. But I don't see it here in the new forums. Webhelpdesk adopts ITIL standards already and is able to link problem tickets to incident tickets. However, I would like to see that concept broadened by allowing any ticket to be linked to any other ticket via a parent / child relationship (or any other predefined relationship similar to how JIRA does it).


There are a couple of use cases that I have for this:

* A new user comes on board. They may need a laptop purchased. So the technician would open a "hardware purchase" ticket for that user which has its own process and technicians. To reference the fact that there is other work going on in the "new user" ticket, he links the hardware purchase ticket as a child ticket of the new user one and can monitor the status of the child ticket from the parent.

* There are multiple teams in setting up servers. First is the "I need a new server request" to the SA from the client. However, we are so big that work is divided up with networking team and datacenter teams. The SA clicks a button in the process and two child tickets are opened up. One for the datacenter team and a child of the datacenter ticket to the network team. The datacenter team says this goes in rack B21 U14 and puts the server there. The networking team sees the ticket for B21 U14 and configures the switches accordingly for the application.


This feature exists in most mature ticketing systems already. It is one of my biggest pain points with this product. Would love to see it addressed.




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