Better Navigation in the Web Interface (Compliance)

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The web interface needs some improvement in the ability to backtrack from a particular screen.


Here's a clunky workflow to give you an example.  There are others that you can figure out with little effort.

1.  Configs->Compliance->View a report

2.  Click on a single violation item.

At this point you have multiple UI issues.

  • Anything I click on (View config, Execute remediation script) takes me off of the report unless I remember to use the "open link in new tab" feature of the browser.
  • Neither The "back" button on the browser nor the breadcrumb navitagor  take me back to the report.  They take me back to the list of reports and I have to re-open, re-scroll, etc.
    • Therefore, it is impossible to efficiently remediate multiple violation.


What I propose is that:

  • All of the links on the violation details open up in a new small popup window automatically.  Make it work like dialog boxes.  --OR-- Make the breadcrumb navigator at the top of the screen take us back to the report that we were viewing
  • We don't get taken to the Transfer Status screen after every action.   We know it's there.  Maybe give us a link in case we want to go there.


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