Alert Central as a Windows distribution

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Having Alert Central as a virtual appliance distribution makes debugging issues more difficult.  I am having an issue importing AD users and groups.  I am able to use AD with Solarwinds / Orion with no trouble.


If Alert Central was a Windows distro, I could use the many tools I have available to confirm that I can get to AD properly.  I could easily import a certificate to use secure LDAP / TLS.  I could more easily look at logs instead of creating a log bundle, downloading it, unzipping and untarring it.


All of my other Solarwinds stuff is Windows-based.  Why go a different direction now?


I have some *nix skills.  I'm not terribly comfortable with an appliance that locks me out of root access.  It makes me less likely to implement AC as a prod tool and some day be willing to *pay* for it.


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