Custom Variables within Application Monitor Templates

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I just posted another idea here on a similar topic.  Please review that idea as well as this idea.


Using the same example where I am writing filesystem monitors, there happens to be a certain customer specific identification directory in the path.  Each filesystem path contains that ID.  If the Application Monitor had the ability to either use customer variables, which are assigned values in the assigned Application Monitor, or to use Custom Properties for that purpose, then this would help to make it less work when assigning an Application Monitor to a node.


For example, let's say I have an Application Monitor with several Component Monitors using the same script for monitoring filesystems mounted all mounted below the path of /usr/opt/abc/4567 where 4567 is the customer ID.  Within the Component Monitor, I either add a Custom Variable or, if they could be used, a Custom Property which is called "Customer_ID".  Now in the Command Line field I add something similar to "perl ${SCRIPT} /usr/opt/abc/${Customer_ID}/bin".  When I assign the Application Monitor to a node at customer 4567, I place "4567" in the "Customer_ID" Customer Variable/Property.  Now that value is automatically substituted into the command line everywhere the variable assignment is found.


This was a simple example but I think you can, as I do, see the possibilities to make our lives easier if this functionality existed.  In my other idea post, I mentioned about 60 filesystem monitors.  In this case those Component Monitors are related to 4 different Application Monitors.  So therefore, once again, 4 changes could me made to adjust all 60 monitors saving quite a bit of time.







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