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I am in the middle of changing one of my Application Template monitor scripts used in about 60 different Component Monitors.  In particular this one is a monitor of Filesystems on a UNIX server.  It is written in such a way that I can pass it certain variables on the "Command Line" including the filesystem mount point.  The particular script I am working on here is 700 lines long.  Even with extensive QA testing of the script outside of Orion, once I add it into the Component Monitors, there is bound to be some tweaking that is still needed.


Each time the "tweaking takes" place and is again tested outside of Orion, I have to copy and paste the script into each of the Component Monitors again.  This can get fairly labor intensive with this many Component Monitors using the same script and with you add to that the possibility of several tweaks, it gets even worse.


So here is my suggestion... If, as an option to using the "Script Body" field, there was another field which allowed you to select a file, then the script could be stored in the file and if you need to change the script, you just change it in that one location.  Once a file is selected, maybe the contents of the file could appear in the "Script Body" field.  Then when you choose to "Edit Script" it could have the file content remain in read-only and allow you to get the script output to populate the "Script Output" fields.


I can actually see several ways of doing this for example, maybe you have three fields with the first being a Script File Name including a browse button.  If you browse and choose or type in a file for this field then the Script Body, displays the content of the file but in read-only.  However if you leave the Script File Name field blank, then you can edit in the Script Body pop-up similar to what we can do today.  Then make a button on the main screen for "Get Script Output" and have just the node and credential choices in this window before initiating the query.


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