Network Weather Maps

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Solarwinds should add a new feature in to either the NPM or NTA product set to do network weather maps.  Currently we use two products to monitor our network, Solarwinds and Cacti.  Cacti is very redundant to Solarwinds, but we need Cacti in order to use the weather maps plugin so that we have a graphic map displaying bandwidth utilization our on key links.  Cacti Weather maps provides a huge benefit to us but I can't help but imagine similar functionality built into Solarwinds and then only needing to manage one system. We use the weather maps today for our Internet Edge, WAN, Internal Network, Storage Network, Wireless Network, and UCS Environment.  The mapping possibilities are endless. It would be nice to see this capability added into a future version of Solarwinds seeing as Solarwinds is already collecting all the necessary information.

** Delivered in NPM 10.7 **


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