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I'm currently working on a few different processes for our PC Support Techs to be able to request switchport enables, switchport VLAN/Description changes, etc and one issue we're running into is notification of when a requested action has been approved/applied. Ideally, I'd like NCM to be able to use our domain email address (all WebUploaders are logging in with domain credentials) to send an email along the lines of "Your request has been approved." and perhaps have it contain the original code that was sent to the device (to differentiate between multiple requests). Also, it would be awesome (and possibly already possible using the API, I haven't checked yet) if we could have Approve/Deny links that we could embed within our Change Approval Request notification emails (eg: It lists the device the code is going to be applied to, the generated code to send, and a set of buttons or links for Approve, Deny, Deny with Comments. If it gets denied or denied with comments, the WebUploader who originally requests the change gets a notification email letting them know it was denied (and a possible reason for denial). This is the absolute tip top of my current Feature Requests list for NCM; it would GREATLY improve our processes and will eventually allow us to integrate NPM, NCM, UDT, NTA, and LEM into our BMC Remedy ticketing software for automated ticket creation, acknowledgement, and resolution.






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