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Hello, we thought it would be very useful to be able to schedule our transactions play times.  This would help us keep the load down both on Orion and the applications themselves.  For example, we monitor a number of individual web servers as well as the web site as a whole.  This gives us a quick alert if there is a problem with any of the servers for our mission critical applications.  I've spaced them out manually by using the Play Now function but it is not very accurate.  It would be nice if we could create a schedule to run them on like this:


x = hour


Transaction1 runs every 5 minutes at x:00 and x:05.
Transaction2 runs every 5 minutes at x:01 and x:06.

Transaction3 runs every 5 minutes at x:02 and x:07.

Transaction4 runs every 5 minutes at x:03 and x:08.

Transaction5 runs every 5 minutes at x:04 and x:09.


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