Manage Nodes panel improvements for Custom Pollers

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Improved manageability of custom pollers through Manage Nodes panels.

Manage Nodes Custom Poller idea.png

1. Add - Show UnDPs by Node - display/assign/unassign any configured UnDPs by Node (ordered by UnDP Group name and UnDP, in alphabetical order).

2. Group By panel - show all Nodes w/ UnDPs in right panel by Group By classification. For example, Vendor, Machine type, etc..

3. Add new Group By classification ' Custom Pollers' to display/assign/unassign all configured UnDPs (by UnDP Group) in right panel with associated UnDPs (alphabetical order by UnDP Group and UnDP). Also, be able to expand each UnDP to show all nodes assigned to UnDP. The node list has potential to be a very large list so so a fixed pane with scrolling capabilities would likely be required.

4. Provide ability to Search by custom poller name.

5. Provide ability to unmanage, manage, delete UnDPs (rather than through Assign Pollers) through primary Manage Nodes panel.


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