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Node Outage Duration

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I'd like to propose the calculation and retention of a Node Outage Duration metric and also mask this using a Service Hours profile.


We currently use a SQL query to calculate Node Outage Durations based on the elapsed time between a Node Down event and the corresponding Node Up event. This requires us to retain a huge Event Log for a 90 day visibility.


Our minimum requirement would be for a table which contains Node ID, Node Down Event Timestamp, Node Up Event Timestamp and Outage Duration retained for 90 days.  We've tried using the Hourly/Weekly/Daily availability stats to calculated crude outage durations but we can't mask out non-service hours without a timestamp.


Better still, if a Node (or parent Group) had a defined 'service hours' profile then different outage durations and availabilities could be calculated for SLA reporting purposes.


When a Node Detail view is displayed, a current or previous Service Hours vs. Total Outage Duration could be displayed.


In anticipation.


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