Allow to add a monitored SQL server without Sysadmin account

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It would be nice to have a possibility to add a SQL server instance without the sysadmin account. I understand that would mean some reports are less accurate as a flag wouldn't be turned on, but we may have most of the features that we like on Solarwinds DPA.


It appeared that to register an SQL server instance, a sysadmin account has to be provided to enable some flags on the server (as stated here: Success Center) for quick running queries. The issue is that on a service such as Cloud SQL, the sa account is not given to the user as this would imply problem with the SLA from Google. Moreover, the given flag (2861) is not available in the settings at the moment.


We've been using Solarwinds DPA for some years now to monitor our hosted SQL servers. We are currently moving some of these workloads to GCP on the Cloud SQL service. We would like to keep Solarwinds DPA as it has always fitted our needs for monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting.

I also think that even if this issue appeared on GCP platform, it would be there on other DBAAS platforms. So as more and more companies are moving to AAS solutions, it would be a great idea to add this feature.


For reference my case number is 00451396


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