Free SEM license for Home Use (Home Lab, Sandbox Lab)

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We use SEM in the corporate world.  All good and fine.


We'd love to see a free Home-Use (think Home Lab, or even Sandboxed Lab) license, that will allow us to have all the features we love at work, in our home environments; to play with writing our own connectors, rules, alerts, etc.


Benefits to a free Home-Use, Home Lab, Sandbox Lab license:

First off, this would benefit us as it would be free, and something that we know and like.  Our homes are becoming increasingly "busy and complex" with various network and WiFi devices, network equipment, NAS, Hypervisors, etc.  Having the exact same interface and experience at home would be fabulous for our work lives, as it would allow us to do our playing at home, then implement like-solutions at work.


Secondly, from a marketing perspective, it would benefit SolarWinds; as it helps engrain the product into our daily lives, thereby extending our "I like SEM and want to see more of it at work" discussions.


As for limitations, we sure hope there are no limitations on functionality.  But it could be limited to the number of nodes reporting, something that would be high enough to use in even a very heavy home environment, but small enough to limit those that my try to take advantage and use in a very small SMB.




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