VMAN - Allow "auto pinging" of VMs and ESXi Hosts without manually adding it in as a node in order to alert if they are "down"

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I was trying out VMAN in hopes for it to be a VM and Host monitoring tool for our VMware private cloud. I was able to add my two vCenters into VMAN... and it does show an overall view of the VMs and ESXi Hosts in the private cloud. Which is great. However there is no "auto pinging" feature to send an e-mail alert in case a VM or Host goes down or lose network connectivity for an extended amount of time..

The standard Solar Winds does have this feature... but with the caveat that each VM and Host will need to be manually added in as a node. We have a large system, soon to have vRealize Automation vRA deploying and destroying potentially dozens of VMs per day. It would not be feasible to manually be adding and deleting nodes into VMAN, just to manage things.


It would make VMAN a lot more useful as a monitoring tool...  if it had the ability to allow the "auto pinging" of devices automatically. It is not efficient to require a person to manually add and delete nodes every day in VMAN, as VMs get deployed and destroyed.


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