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Early in my career I was working for a small local PC re-seller/service center doing anything from end user training/support to Novell server installs.  As an older geek this was back in the heyday of Packard Bell.  For those not familiar with them, they were a cheap system seller with custom cases that were easy to pop open and slide the tops off of.

This particular day a young woman came in and dropped off her system saying it had just stopped working, it seemed to power on but nothing would appear on the screen.  It was a slimline desktop model, 286 with a 5-1/4 floppy and 20 or 30M Seagate HD.  The top, sides and back of the case slid off to the rear of these after pushing in a couple of spots on the lower front corners of the case.  I put it up on the workbench in back, pushed the buttons and holding the front sides of the case slid it back away from me, my arms stretching out along the opening sides of the computer as I pushed it back.  I am a little embarrassed to admit the next as it was a blood curdling scream that brought my boss and his wife, the sales guy and the other tech racing back to see what had happened.  My bosses wife screamed upon entering the room as well, and turned and ran out as they entered.  For as I had opened the case up, thousands of cockroaches had poured out of the computer, streaming over my arms and completely covering the top of our double sided 4' x 6' work bench.  The computer had been completely packed with them, top to bottom, front to back.  After I stood there frozen as they streamed over my arms and onto the table for what seemed like eternity, then I quickly left the room, brushing at my arms as I went.  When I went back in a few minutes later, there were almost none to be seen, they had scattered to the cracks and crevices of the room, thousands of them, disappearing from sight...


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