Modify Npm > Settings > My Orion Deployment > Diagnostics to automatically upload diagnostics to Solarwinds Support

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When using My Orion Deployment to collect New Diagnostics from one or more SW Main Instances or APE's, please include an option to automatically upload those files to the appropriate Solarwinds Support site.


Offer a text block in which a Support case ID can be entered if a person chooses the option to automatically upload files to Support.  If they simply wish to download the files, let that happen without other requirements.


If a case number was entered, please configure NPM to automatically rename the start of each diagnostics file to include the CASE ID number at the start of each file name.



This can be another step towards efficiency and the one-touch-Support-experience that we'd all love to experience.



And as if that weren't enough . . . BACON!



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