Engineers Toolset: User Experience enhancements

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ETS has been around for quite some time now. It is high time that it also received it's due

User Experience is supposed to be constantly upgraded.


A few things that need to be done -

  • Pop-up or highlight a Node Down or Interface down : Under the Network Monitor using Toolset Launchpad, the engineer using the desktop version may have toolset minimized so it would be nice for the engineer to see a POP-UP for a node down or interface down. If the window is not minimized, it would be helpful to see a simple highlight of Node down or Interface down status.
  • Maintenance Mode or Mute mode for Nodes: If the engineer is already aware of the node down status, it would be nice for him to mute or put that node in Maintenance mode.
  • Multicast Monitoring utility: A long pending request on the lines of the mping  Multicast Troubleshooting


A few others also pending from other community members

Engineer Toolset: IP address to switch/port trace utility

integrate toolset with wireshark

Bring back old TraceRoute

Packet Generator 


Thwacksters are requested to add to this small list.


ETS Development - pls enhance this wonderful tool, needs some sprucing up


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