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The items on the store are amazing! But anything that has sustainable value isn't easily attainable. For example. I love the thwack stickers and I keep having to order them because when we moved from one office to another we couldn't remove the used stickers, they all ripped. And I was thinking stickers are awesome but they are one use items than you have to get more.


But on the other hand a shirt for example can be used over and over again. Any other items such as laptop sleeves, water bottles, etc. These are items that can be reused and have lasting values but are harder to earn. My idea is when not decrease the amount of points needed slightly so instead of a shirt being worth 6000 point when not make it 3500 points or 4000 points?


I love swag and use in a way almost to be a solarwinds advocate and promoter. But not being able to reach the points needed for items I can use on a daily bases makes this a challenge for me.  I'm not asking for these items to be discounted to an unfair point value but rather just make it a little more in reach of those of us that can't rack up the points as fast as others on the forum?


Can't solarwinds have sales events too? Maybe have events similar to black Friday where for a few days items have points reduced? It would be interesting.


What do you think? Am I asking for to much or is this a fair request?


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