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Not sure how popular this would be but figured I would throw the idea out there.


EDIT: Editing to provide more focus. My initial Idea was to wide ranging and made it hard to see what people where upvoting on. So to better explain the two points below are for the same thing. A lounge so to speak. An area that everyone could be involved in that could potentially break into chat rooms for more focused conversations or areas of interest. The seed has potential to grow, but in a high level view just a lounge.... couldn't think of a better word for it.


Point 1:  Live conversations, chat room style? It would be interesting to see, for example... an idea get posted and live conversations happening instead of just posted replies. Or a discussion thrown out there and have people joining in live and having something similar to a chat room style dialog going on.

Point 2: Even better idea would be why not have a room style setup (Within the lounge) where we could posts questions and have anyone from solarwinds interact with us? Maybe a room where we could post questions directly to a wide range of experts who could help out?


Having a hybrid of forum style and chat room to create a mix of both I believe would add value to thwack and make it much more engaging instead of of just post and wait forum. Just an idea that was stirring around in my brain.


Comment below, even if you think it's a crazy idea haha. I don't mind it. I'm opening this one up for discussion and up votes. I'm sure we all could use a more engaging thwack experience.


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