Standardize time format all over Orion platform

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Time format on Orion platform (Orion Platform 2018.2 HF6) depends on system settings at Orion server and workstations accessing Orion Website and should keep the same format for reports, PerfStack etc. But there are some exceptions which is annoying. When time format is configured to display in 24 hours format some reports and PerfStack display time in 12 hour format.When date/time settings point 24 hours format then it shoud appear in the same format wherever time is displayed. Database server keeps the same time format as Orion server and the issue does not depend on browser (tested on IE, Chrome and Firefox).


Here is example of Report Average CPU Utilization - Last 24 hours:

report example


Here is how looks PerfStack:

perfstack example


In the same time Orion Summary website displays time as below:

Orion Summary top

I think it is a bug in handling time on Orion platform. I initiated Case # 00186293 - time does not appear correctly but I was requested to create Feature Requst instead the Case. When I posted question regarding the issue - Time format on report - I was requested to create Case. So I'm bit confused


Anyway time format should comply regional setting for date/time format.


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