Orion Report Save To Disk Options (XLSX, Custom Delimiter)

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Currently when running scheduled reports and saving to disk, the options are PDF, CSV, and Excel. The Excel format is XLS (Excel 97-2003) format. We have run into issues with newer systems that aren't recognizing XLS and instead need XLSX. We currently need to open the generated report in Excel and save as XLSX, which is not conducive to being scheduled for automated data feeds.


Additionally, if we used CSV as a format, it might suffice, but if the fields in the report contain, or have the potential to contain, commas, it can throw off the formatting of the resulting report. If we had the option to delimit with a different character (for example, |), this would not be an issue.


Requesting two additional options when saving reports to disk.


1. Having an option to save as a more modern XLSX format.

2. Having an option to use a custom delimiter (other than comma) that would be specified in the configuration of the scheduled job.


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