>1TB Volume Graphs to present more granular information on mouseover

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Hi Team,


When working with volumes over 1tb only one decimal point of information is presented on graph mouseovers, this can be quite annoying to work with:


Terabyte rollup example


The data can still be gathered from the DB, and you can get an extra decimal point from perfstack-style elements, however spinning up a new element/report is a long workflow


Possible improvements:


  • Add 1 or 2 more decimal points for TB formatting
  • Add an element on charts for custom axis/mouseover units formatting
  • Add an element on views or accounts for units formatting
  • Remove TB rollup (not a fan of this)
  • Add a value on chart elements for net growth between the start and end of the viewed data, give a detailed value


Anything equivalent is fine by me!


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