Create a thorough "how to use SDK Studio" / "how to get better use out of your Orion SQL or SWQL database" guide, please?

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There's a LOT I don't know about databases.  I always have to ask for help when trying to use SQL or SWQL to build a new report or new View or Widget.  Usually from Thwack, sometimes from my local DBA's. 


And that's not efficient.


I'd LOVE for SW to provide an effective and efficient and complete guide to creating productive SWQL queries and using the SDK Studio.


I'd ALSO love for the Studio's existing queries to be searchable.


I also love EVEN MORE if appropriate / compatible items (search terms, items, query components, syntax, etc.) could be selected and dragged & dropped into a query, and then SDK (or another engine within Solarwinds) checked their logic and made recommendations or suggestions to me ("Did you want to show the complete list of  . . . ?", or "Would you like to find every instance of . . . .?") and preview their output to me. 


The details of how to build functional SQL or SWQL queries are nothing like to which I've ever been exposed.  Discovering Solarwinds has built and provide access to a great and thorough tutorial to teach database queries to noobs like me would be much appreciated!


Or, maybe there's something already out there that does this?  If so, would you share links to it?


As it sits today, I SLOWLY get the job done only by asking for help on Thwack, or by going through and opening EVERY SDK Studio pre-built query and trying to understand what each one does, and how it does it.  I also have to search and analyze the SW web sites for kinds of things can be used in queries, and then try to figure out HOW to use them.


Perhaps worst of all for a do-it-yourselfer like me:  These kinds of resources are not all in a nice and intuitive SQL/SQWL/SDK Studio folder or web page.  Placing this info together all on the same web page, with tutorials & guides, would be  a great start!


Here's a +1 for any progress that can be made towards this idea for non-DBA's to get more use out of SW's SWQL and SQL capabilities!


Swift Packets to you!


Rick Schroeder


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